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If you want to learn how to have a healthy body and mind to feel better, calmer and more confident, then these are my tools to help you and your family feel YOUR best .

Planking Roll Call

Planking roll call...who is still planking? If you forgot, hmmmm....or fell off, just get back at it. We are planking with you. Our goal is a minute. One minute a day. I promise, you will be thankful, feel stronger and empowered that you did it. In case you missed the...

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Healthy Tips for the Holidays

This time of year can be beautiful, joyful, and wondrous, but can also be stressful, exhausting, and frustrating for many. The balance of the emotions, the craziness as we try to truly enjoy the season, while also living up to the many expectations that have been...

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Planking into Thanksgiving

Hey there my friends! We have planking vibes this week as we move toward the holidays! Our goal this year is to feel good through the holidays, and not completely lose every bit of our healthy self in the midst of the busy season. I am going to help YOU!! This video...

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4 Ideas to Get Moving and Reduce Stress with Your Family

My kids have been doing some type of conditioning with me for years, and it is a good idea to start a healthy routine with them now. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it should be challenging and fun. Of course, exercise is good for their health, and developing a...

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Do What You Love

Are you doing what you love? Are you following your heart? These are things I believe we should all be striving for. Truly living, and doing things that you truly love. Digging deep to follow what our heart and souls are longing for. A book I recently finished asked a...

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Weekly Vibes for the Week of October 29th

New this Week Exciting news! Are you wanting to feel better, but still struggling to get started? Maybe you don't know what to do, or you just keep putting it off until tomorrow. We have what you need. You can join our "30 Day Challenge to Just Move" and it is now...

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One Thing Today

When it comes to our health, many of us struggle to get going. I hear the same stories from many people over and over. I can't find the time. I'm not sure where to start. I'm going to start next week. I'm going to start next month. I'm not motivated. Nobody is going...

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Weekly Vibes for October 22

New this Week Rest. This is new for many of you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired and wanting to throw in the towel on something. Don't give up, get some rest. It is easy to run ourselves ragged in this world of non-stop commitments, expectations and to-do's. We...

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YOU get to Choose

Listen, I am truly not an "expert" on anything, but I do wake up each day and try to be better than yesterday and make choices based on my values and how I feel in my heart. Like how I truly feel. This can be hard, with the many pressures that try to confuse us, but...

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Weekly Vibes for October 15

New this Week Welcome to a new week that YOU get a chance to make some good choices for your health, your mind and your body. You get to choose YOUR vibes... so do your best to choose good. 🙂 One of my recommendations this month was the foam roller. I created several...

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Weekly Vibes for the Week of October 8th

New this Week Hello and Happy Monday to each of you! ❤️ Just in case you haven't explored my new website, I want to make sure you knew of some FREE downloads I have available now. Over the years, I have started (but not finished) many projects, and I finally decided...

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Hi I'm Kelley

I thought I had it all figured out, but I struggled to learn that feeling our best is about nurturing our WHOLE SELF, not just fitness, and not just good nutrition but more. Read my story.

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