10 Truths to Protect Your Energy

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In Order to Care More… You Have to Care Less

We seemed to have reached the point of the new year, where our resolutions, goals, new routines, and habits become a bit murky, or lost in the sea of overwhelm. The world around us distracts us once again. 

This happens to many of us. If you truly want things to change in your life, and you keep trying, and somehow you circle back every time….it is time to wake up. You are spending your time and energy caring about the wrong things.

This is challenging, because we do truly care. Interestingly enough, for me, God kept putting more and more on my plate, where I honestly didn’t have the time or energy to spend caring about certain things…that I shouldn’t have been caring about in the first place.

Maybe you can relate…

I used to truly care what people thought of me…most everyone.

I used to truly care what people thought of my kids…most everyone.

I used to truly care that people “understood” my heart and my motives.

I used to truly care that people “understood” my choices.

I used to truly care about making sure I explained myself and my intentions.

The truth is, no matter what you do, or say, people will still think what they want to think, and see things how they want to see things, regardless of your intentions. So stop spending energy here. Just stop.

It is up to you to conserve your energy.

But…then there came a point, where I seriously didn’t have the energy to care about these things, because I had real situations to care about. Situations that I truly cared about. 

I had a marriage that needed attention. I had kids that were growing, going through new stages, hurting, celebrating, and needing attention, energy. I had parents going through medical concerns, over and over again, and needing help. I had my own health concerns that needed rest, quiet, attention, and nurturing. All at the same time, and then you add everything else, extended family, friends, jobs, dreams, and…you get where I’m going. Many of us have this. Mine is no more than yours. It just comes in different forms for each of us.

It is time to face several truths. 

Truth #1: I realized that time was passing quicker and moments with my kids were being stressed over, rather than fully enjoyed. 

Truth #2: I had to “let go” of what I didn’t want to take my energy and my time. 

Truth #3: I had to “let go” of what was not serving my best self.

Truth #4: I had to “let go” of what was not truly in my best interest. 

Truth #5: I had to be honest with myself, and truly value what mattered

Put time into what truly matters, and life shifts. 

Truth #6: The truth is you can truly care about people, but not say yes to their every request.

Truth #7: You can truly care about people, and say no to their drama.

Truth #8: You can truly care about people, and not have to explain.

Truth #9: You can truly care about people, and say absolutely nothing.

Truth #10: You can still truly care about people, and put yourself first, when necessary. 

Yes, you can make time for YOU.

Yes, it is still challenging and can be hard. But you start developing a better sense of how to say no, how to say yes, and how to spend your time. 

For today…I want you to truly tell yourself what really matters. Put your time into what you care about, not what others care about. Put your energy into what gives you the most joy and love. Put your energy into what fills you up and gives back to you. 

THIS is what will give your life, confidence, happiness, and true joy. 

Be in your present. Be in your life. Control your day. Spend your energy caring about what truly matters to you. 

THIS… is when life will slowly begin to shift.


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