Please…before you try any exercise or workout program, be sure to talk with your doctor first. You want to be healthy and make sure you are all clear to start an exercise program. Exercise should help you, not hurt you. You should not feel pain. Always stop exercising, if you feel pain, lightheaded, nauseated or dizzy. You should see a doctor if you feel any of these symptoms. Listen to your body! Do not venture on a new program if you haven’t cleared it with your doctor first. We are giving you suggestions, but you have to be responsible for doing what is safe and right for you. We are not responsible for any injury that results from you using our information. This information is to help guide you and you should see a medical and a fitness professional if you are unsure or you have questions.

Remember, it is ok to start slow. If you are new to exercise, or it has been awhile, you should just start moving, walking, or stretching. Get a physical. Once you start moving, listen to your body. If you need help, ask a fitness professional. Take one day at a time.