26 Weeks of Fitness Lessons, Activities, Fun and Learning

PE at Home Book

Simple lessons to help teach our youth the components of fitness, fun ways to get outside and be more active.

Let us inspire our youth today to get outside, be more active, and create lifelong habits for better health and feeling good. Learning healthy habits should be one of our first priorities.

Together, we CAN make a difference for the future of OUR kids. We are grateful YOU are joining us.

ENJOY the day!
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PE at Home Book

What Is Included in the PE at Home Book?


This book was developed for elementary aged kids, but many of the activities can be geared to older kids as well. Some of the activities that are geared for the younger kids, can be skipped by the older, and they can choose other activities they enjoy. 

Simple Lessons for Kids to Move, Burn Energy and Have Free Play

fun and easy Fitness Lessons

  • Each lesson is designed to teach the components of fitness and health while having fun.
  • Kids are encouraged to do activities outside
  • Kids learn to make healthy choices and be active.
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Simple lessons for kids to move, burn energy and have free play

Encouragement for Our Youth to Make Healthy Choices Every Day

Encouragement to keep the kids having fun

  • Learn how to provide guidance and make it fun.
  • Learn how to encourage and keep it positive.
  • Teaching fitness can be fun and make them feel good.
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Encouragement for our youth to make healthy choices every day

Activity Log and Assessments Data Sheets to Help Plan Your Week

Workbook & Tracker Downloads

  • Each lesson is designed for one week.
  • There are vocabulary words and key points to go over at the beginning of each lesson.
  • There are four daily activities for each week, which is designed for the kids to have four days with physical activity.
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Activity log and assessments data sheets to help plan your week