Want To Make A Lifestyle Change, But Can’t Seem To Find A Way?

Hi I’m Kelley. I Empower Moms To Find Time For Themselves, Protect Their Energy, And Embrace A Confident Mind, So That Their Days Feel Calmer And More Fulfilling.

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I Filled This Simple Sheet Out Every Morning for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened…

I felt happier and more content each day

My perspective changed so I focused on what mattered

I found and embraced calm, instead of overwhelm

I felt a positive shift in my energy and mood 

I began to feel inspired and driven each day

Feel yourself come alive again as you start each day with intentional reflection, planning, dreaming, and gratitude. 

This simple sheet will have a powerful impact on your day. Create a morning routine designed for YOU and begin to feel more content and less overwhelmed. Finally find time for yourself, change your perspective, and refill your tank.

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Episode #27: What I want my kids to learn during this uncertain time

In this episode we talk about how our kids are watching during this uncertain time, and how we want to handle it, and what we want them to learn.

Episode #15: Get Uncomfortable & Grow Every Day

We talk about the benefits to doing something every day that is uncomfortable that will help you grow as a person. Also, how we will feel if we don’t get out of our comfort zone every day.

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