I Created My Daily Morning Routine Around This Journal Practice and Here’s What Happened…

Daily Surrender Journal

  • More clarity with a greater sense of calm
  • Better control of my day
  • Confidence in my choices
  • Closer relationship to god
  • Progress on my projects and dreams
  • Move through daily challenges easier
  • Let go of frustrations easier
  • More time in my day
  • Kelley holding the Daily Intentions Journal

    What's inside the Daily Surrender Journal?


    The Daily Surrender Journal is a 12-week journal with a theme of helping us to surrender our worries and fears to God, and finding peace in the midst of it all. The journal gives you daily prompts for gratitude, health, intentions and more. The focus of the journal is to help us let go of what we can’t control, and deepen our trust in God, especially when it feels dark. It will help create a morning routine to start your day with a Bible verse, daily affirmation, and encouragement.

    Start Your Week off Feeling More Confident

    Tasks and reminders for the week

    • Unload all of your thoughts for the week
    • Mind is free and has more clarity to start the week
    • Set up your “Intention” for the week
    • Weekly verse and encouragement to lift you up
  • Activity log and assessments data sheets to help plan your week

    Slow Down Each Morning


    • Start with 3 things you are grateful for today
    • Choose a few simple tasks to focus on today
    • Think about what you can do for self-care every day
    • Keep hope alive every day by writing your dreams
    • Write your weekly intention daily
    • Fill your mind with uplifting encouragement
  • Activity log and assessments data sheets to help plan your week

    Learn From Your Journey


    • Time to celebrate every bit of progress you make
    • Learn what helped you through challenges
    • Reflect on what improves the flow of your day
    • Think about what you want to be more intentional 
  • Encouragement for our youth to make healthy choices every day

    Customer Testimonials

    Hear From Our Customers

    • I love the Daily Intentions Journa! It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start and I love to go back and re-read my bible study notes. It goes everywhere with me.

    • I really do love the journals. I have stopped using it for a week or 2 occasionally, and always go back because I can tell a difference in my days when I don't start my day with intention. Thank you for all you do. The journals are life changing

    • The PE at Home Book makes teaching PE at home so easy! This is a great teaching help! Kelley has made nutrition, exercise and good health easy to incorporate into daily life and this book makes teaching PE at home so easy! Thank you Kelley!

    • Kelley is an awesome personal trainer! She had been working with me for over 4 years and now she is working out my 87 year old Dad! She is very knowledgable and is sensitive to aging bodies and personal needs both mentally and physically. If you are even thinking about hiring her, do so!

    • Every way that Kelley worked with me was motivating, encouraging, and productive. I was challenged and my expectations were met, even surpassed. It’s not just about physical exercise, it’s a mindset and Kelley is an expert at using all of these to inspire her clients.

    • Kelley took me on a fantastic training regime in my late 50’s until early 60’s. If it wasn’t for family commitments I would have never stopped training. She took the time to understand my limitations as I aged and explained each step and movement which was most beneficial to my goals. If you are looking for a trainer who keeps you engaged and makes you want to return, you have found her. No one could teach better than Kelley!