Hi I’m Kelley

This is my story on how I thought I had it all figured out but struggled to learn that feeling our best is about nurturing our WHOLE SELF, not just fitness, and not just good nutrition.

I love God.

I love fitness, health, reading, writing, and growing in some way every day.

I love the beach and being outside. I love music and love to dance.

I am competitive and tough. I also care deeply, and can be overly sensitive.

My best days are spent laughing, hugging, dancing, and lifting others up. I love learning about others and what makes them tick.

There is so much more to each of us than titles, status, grades, awards, and where we live and what we drive.

I crave a simple, healthy life, and a life that serves and helps others. This is what I want to give to my kids.

As a recovering people pleaser, I want my kids to see how we love others, encourage others, but won’t always meet others’ expectations, and that is ok.

My family means everything to me. I believe we are each unique and special, and in order to truly live our best life, we have to embrace and love who we are.

We have to choose good for ourselves, and learn what fills us up, and what doesn’t. I want to give this to others. I want to encourage others to truly live out their life….just simply live out their best life.

The Beginning

Life was overall good, with highs and lows along the way.

Life always went pretty smooth for me. Bumps, heartaches. loss and sadness along the way for sure, but overall I got along well with others, had friends, and school came pretty easy for me.

Overall, I followed the natural path of where I had been told I should go. High school, extra activities, honors classes, college, grad school, job, and so on. When I look back, I just kept going. I am not sure how much I ever really stopped and thought about much.

I had a few bumps with anxiety in college, and after graduating, but I was young and I was able to work through it.

I climbed the ranks of my industry. I did well and enjoyed it, for the most part.

I married my childhood crush. We started a business. We loved growing it. It was exciting, challenging, and fun, for the most part.

The Struggle

After my second child was born, I first felt my health slip then I fell into postpartum depression.

After my second child, I lost my strength, my drive, my confidence, my passion, and most emotions.

I was a mess, and pretty cold inside.

I didn’t care as much I used to. I didn’t care what people thought, and I had so many ugly feelings inside.

This lasted for almost 2 years.

I kept going through the motions, thank goodness. I know many people dive even deeper than I did. This was my lowest, but I am thankful, it wasn’t any lower. I know it could have been.

I wanted to feel better, which I knew was good. I just couldn’t make it happen, when I had always been able to.

I had to push the doctor to take more tests to find out why I felt so depressed and awful.

Finally, I had an answer, and a megadose of Vitamin D is what I started. Thankfully, this is what began my journey back up. 

The Rising

Sometimes we have to hit a low point, to begin a new journey, finding our true self, and what truly fills us up.

As I began the climb back up, little by little, I felt different.

There was so much of the old me still here. There was a new me, that was surfacing.

I still cared deeply and was still sensitive. I began to realize that in order to care and love with my whole heart, it wouldn’t always mean saying yes to everyone, and everything.

Happiness is not about fitting in, and people liking me.

Happiness for me is loving ME, being true to myself, following God, and sharing this journey with people that respect me, and love me for who I am….not who they want me to be. I thank Brene’ Brown for this.

We have to nurture our heart and soul, fill our mind with goodness, walk with God, live with values, breathe fresh air, be creative, rest, play, laugh and so much more.

In order to feel strong, confident, content, and enough, we live with balance, flexibility, and finding time for ourselves every day to nurture and to grow in some way.

We practice everyday courage to live and love as our true self, our best self, our unique and wonderfully made self.


I love that you are here, and I am excited that we are on the journey together.


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