Get to know Kelley
Love being outside

Get To Know Kelley

About Kelley Ranaudo

I love God.

I love fitness and health.

I want to empower every one of us to take ownership of our health and mind. 

Simple daily choices make all the difference.

I love being outside.

I crave a simple, healthy life, and a life that serves and helps others. 

Sometimes it is the smallest act that makes the biggest difference in someone’s life.

I want my kids to see how we love others, encourage others, but won’t always meet others’ expectations, and that is ok.

I want to encourage and empower others to truly live out their best life, with God always being first.

children doing fun and healthy exercises
Daughter on a pilates reformer

Passion to Help Others

My Journey

Of all my jobs, homeschooling my kids and becoming a more intentional parent has been my absolute favorite, and most challenging.

My graduate degrees were in wellness and business which truly established the early steps of my journey, but my experience and research over the last 20+ years has lit my conviction to live well and spread the word of what I have learned.

Through my podcastwriting, videos, journaling, and some real deep soul searching, my journey was shifted.

I began to realize that in order to care and love with my whole heart, it wouldn’t always mean saying yes to everyone, and everything.

True joy is not about fitting in, people liking me, or even understanding me.

The joy I want comes from living my life for God first, my family, and staying true to my values and what I believe.

We have to nurture our heart and soul, fill our mind with goodness, and walk with God first, to truly live out our values and convictions.

We have to practice everyday courage to live and love as our true self. 

Over the years, I developed a daily practice that changed my days. This morning routine led to my Journals, and the work that I do today. 

The degrees I received in college helped me to find my passion, but my experiences and struggles since then have lit my fire and soul in a way that I am forever grateful for giving me the work I get to do.

I love that you are here, and I am excited that we can share this journey together.


Kelley Ranaudo