New Year. New Perspective. Real Change.

New Year. New Perspective.     Real Change.

As we head toward the New Year, it is a time to reflect on 2019 and what we want to change in the coming year. It is easy to think about what you want, plan to go after it, and then…end up in the same place. 

Working in the fitness industry, every January, we would see the excitement of the new year, resolutions, busyness, lots of activity, and then….slowly, it would taper off. Life got in the way. Resolutions went to the wayside. Another year of goals not met. We would get frustrated, because we truly want to see our clients succeed.

Not This Year Buddy

If you want 2020 to be different. If you want 2020 to be the year of change. 

If you want 2020 to be the year that you finally realize life is not going to stop for your goals. Life’s challenges are not going away. Struggles are here. Every year will have ups and downs. 

Regardless of the hard…YOU are going to chase your goals and dreams and all the possibilities that you are longing for. 

I want to help YOU

I am a mom. I am a daughter, sister, daughter-n-law, friend, believer, neighbor, volunteer, and more. We all have many roles. Many responsibilities. A full plate. 

“The juggle is real” for every single one of us. But it is still possible to show up for yourself, your health, and your goals. 

I have been working to find a way to help other moms, like you, feel healthier, stronger, and more confident.

This year in our new community, Heart & Soul for moms, we do just that. We show up for true selves, with community, celebration, accountability and support. 

Are you wanting to change something for the better?

1. Get Honest

Are you being honest with yourself? We have to get real with ourselves. The only change that we have any control over is our own actions and habits. Once we accept that we can change, you will see everything through a new lense. Our new perspective and true authenticity can completely revive us this year.

2. Be Open to Change

Stop being so stubborn with yourself. Geez. We have to actually tell ourselves, out loud, what we are going to achieve, change or do, as if we are already doing it. Not only be open to it, but actually BELIEVE in yourself, and believe in what you are wanting will happen. Yes, it will be uncomfortable. It will. You can do it.

I believe in YOU, now you need to believe in YOU.

3. Make the Decision

It is time. Decide and commit. In order to change something, you have to actually make the decision to do just that. Decide for goodness sakes. I think sometimes we choose not to decide, because then it is ok if we don’t accomplish it. We think we don’t fail, because we don’t start. Be the one that fails, and keeps trying again and again, rather than the one that never starts at all. This year make the decision to bet on yourself, believe in yourself, and show up for yourself. Decide to go after it. 

4. Think Small Again and Again

Small steps over and over again. It ain’t big. It is doing something small every single day to just move forward. To just keep going. There won’t always be a big action to take every day, but you can absolutely find a small step to take every single day. Momentum…big or small, to keep you going. We can all take one small step every day.

5. Realize You Will Want to Give Up

Know that you will want to give up. We all do. It will happen. It will get tough. This doesn’t mean that you can’t handle it. It isn’t just you. Everyone feels it. We all have bad days, even when we have had many good days. This is life. We succeed when we realize the bad days are normal, and we keep going. The difference is when you decide you aren’t giving in to that. You know you will feel it, you know it is coming, and you keep going anyway. 

6. Get Rest and Start Again the Next Day

Yes. When the going gets tough and you have had enough, just rest. Once rested, then you can start again.

Check out our community. It is simple, not overwhelming. Encouraging and Real.  A weekly dose of real life tips, stories, and people. This community is as much for me as you. I need accountability and encouragement too. I want a community of moms on my side too. 

These simple choices each week, over time, will help bring us more control, calm, positive energy, and happiness. We all deserve to feel more good each day, then stress. More joy, rather than frustration. I know it is possible. It doesn’t happen overnight. It isn’t a quick fix. It just takes simple changes over time.

Still not sure? That is ok. When the resolutions fade, the new year plan is over, and real life comes back….because it always does….our community will still be here. With all we do, we need support, accountability, and truth. 

Join anytime, but the cost just might be different. The Founding Member life-time rate will only last so long. 

Either way…I believe in YOU and I am rooting for YOU. Reach out to me anytime. I am truly here for YOU.

Happy 2020!! 💥

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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