5 Ideas to Strengthen Resilience for Yourself and Your Kids

5 Ideas to Strengthen Resilience for Yourself and Your Kids

This time is uncertain for sure. Living one day at a time is for real. We are all in this together, hoping for the same, and enduring an unknown that we have never, ever seen.

I love this quote Mel Robbins posted…

“Our kids are watching us and learning about how to respond to stress and uncertainty. Let’s wire our kids for resilience, not panic.”


This is another challenging season, of learning, responding, and growing with our kids. It has always helped me to grow as a person, when I think of my role as a parent. 

In this season, I had to pause, and think about what I hope they learn during this time.

5 things to learn in uncertain times.

  1. I want to strengthen their faith, be calm, and believe it will be ok.
  2. I want them to realize what they can control, do their part to control those things, and let go of the rest.
  3. I want them to continue to take care of themselves, and realize self-care might look different than before.
  4. I want them to find empathy and understanding for others, without judgement.
  5. I want them to strengthen their resilience, and know that they will get through this.

How do we strengthen our resilience?

One day at a time. I look at each and think about how I am responding, what I am saying, and what my responsibility is as a parent, citizen, and especially as a christian.

Each day I am trying to do at least one simple action to help strengthen our resilience. Simple. Not huge. Not rocket science. Just simple things that can easily get pushed to the side with all the news, uncertainty, and change going on. I am doing these not only for myself, but for my kids. Instead of scrolling facebook, reading everyone’s opinion, and getting caught up in the nonstop chatter on the news…I want to remain faithful, hopeful, and teach my kids the same.

Many are now juggling jobs from home, kids’ education from home, along with this new season of challenge and uncertainty.

Faith, Acceptance, Self-care, Empathy, and Resilience

  1. Faith…In order to strengthen our faith and belief that it will all be ok, together, we can pray, share a devotion, or focus on a bible verse, gratitude practice, and talking about how it applies to today. Prayer together is powerful. Doing any of these practices together is powerful.
  2. Acceptance…In order to realize what we can control, what we should do, and what we can’t control, we will talk about what our responsibilities truly are, if they have changed at all, and what is honestly not in our control. Depending on the age, older kids want to know some of the updates and if anything has changed. Younger kids need to know a lot less. Perspective is everything here, and we should give them the calm, hopeful side, not the media panic side.
  3. Self-care…This is just as important as it was before, if not more. We don’t stop taking care of ourselves, because our daily schedule has changed. We develop a new routine, and include self-care into it. Quiet time. Exercise. Healthy eating. Positive, encouraging conversations. Sunshine. Fresh air. Good rest. Stretching.
  4. Empathy…These are real situations where empathy and understanding can be taught and strengthened. Criticism, judgement and opinions are flying everywhere. Yes, there is right and wrong for sure. Rules are obvious, and we should follow them. Explain them and why they are important. A conversation about what others, less fortunate, may be going through, may help for them to understand why their life has shifted. Gratitude practice, kindness, and praying for others can help see a different perspective.
  5. Resilience…At the end of it all, I want our resilience strengthened. This…is a life skill. This will not be their last challenging season of uncertainty. I know that our faith and resilience will be strengthened during times like this, if we endure the hard things, embrace where we are and challenge ourselves to do our best throughout. Let’s not forget to find humor amidst it all. Laughing is absolutely one of our best medicines.

For me, every one of these come before more math, one more paper, or even reading that book. Not that you shouldn’t, or can’t, do those too, but with everyone’s schedule shifting…what do you value first?

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

– James 1:12

I am not an expert, just a mom that strives everyday to accept the day’s challenge, take care of our overall health and well-being, and grow as a christian and parent. I can’t ignore this opportunity for them to grow as well, and spend time doing exactly what I believe God is wanting us to do. No it is not easy, and it requires a whole bunch of grace, but with this…I will continue just to try my best.

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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