Chase Your Dreams Anyway

Chase Your Dreams Anyway

Over the years, I have started and stopped, started and stopped, and started and stopped, chasing my dreams. I have had an abundance of fleeting thoughts of ideas and dreams, and then let them go, because responsibilities came knocking. I have made plans to move forward, then been knocked over by one challenge after another. I have had goals and dreams I wanted, but life’s challenges came calling. These ideas got me excited down to my soul, but “real” life just kept needing my time and energy. I would bet many of you can relate.

You know what…it will keep getting in the way if you let it. I am not saying to ignore responsibilities and the people that need you. 

I am saying to live life, handle your responsibilities, and still keep chasing your dreams

Often the “Best” Runs Parallel with the “Hardest” on Many Days

I have found that the best of life runs parallel to the biggest challenges in life. All the time. 

The absolute best days can also have some of the worst things happen. 

While celebrating something beautiful, we can also be shedding tears for a tragedy. It all happens together. There is never a perfect time to chase your dreams. 

Still Chase Your Dreams

While handling all of life’s battles…it is ok to still chase your dreams. 

You will be knocked down every time you go forward…still keep chasing your dreams.

You will have important responsibilities come up…still keep chasing your dreams.

You will have people question you…still keep chasing your dreams anyway.

Many times you will feel crazy…chase your dreams anyway.

Life will give you more curve balls than you can count…chase your dreams anyway.

Family will need you…you can be there for them and still chase your dreams.

The greatest challenge is for you to follow your dreams and take care of yourself in the midst of all of life’s struggles. Because the hard is here to stay.

Enjoy life. Embrace the beauty. Chase the excitement. Celebrate every little success…..even amidst the hard. It is ok to enjoy beauty during the hard. It is actually healthy to do so.

Stop Putting Yourself Last

We all do it. We put off ourselves, our health, our priorities, our hobbies, our goals, our dreams, for everyone else. I hear this response more than any other from you. 

I am telling you loud and clear… and giving you permission, that it is ok to be there for everyone, but take care of yourself first, do your thing too, go after your goals, and still chase your dreams anyway. 

It never looks pretty. It never looks perfect. It never flows easily. 

Listen…when I owned a business and worked a bunch…I felt like I should be home.

When I stayed home and was always around…I felt like I should be working.

Neither is better. Both scenarios work. Both scenarios are challenging.

My point is…wherever you are, whatever season you are in, whatever your situation…

Make time for YOU

Make time to take care of YOUR health. Make time to go after YOUR goals. Make time to chase YOUR dreams.

Nobody else will. 

Please do this for YOU. This is your ONE life and YOU matter. 

Follow your heart. Don’t give up. One small step at a time.

Chase your dreams anyway

Kelley Ranaudo

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