Self “care” is not Self “ish”

Self “care” is not Self “ish”

I want you to take some time today to truly evaluate how much time you give yourself for YOU, and what you do to actually take care of YOU.

It seems in this day and age that sometimes, actually doing something for your well being, or taking time for yourself, can be considered selfish, or you feel selfish. I am not sure how we ended up at this place, but we are there.

Especially as a mom, I have fell in the hole of helplessness many times, because of not doing anything for my health and well being. Surprising, I know, as I talk so much about taking care of ourselves. Once I became a mom, I fell under the mommy spell of taking care of everyone, but me, for a long time. I am sure many moms can relate. I honestly feel like I am just now starting to get a bit better at it.

Today, I want you to take time to think about at least one thing YOU will do to take care of YOUR self each day for the rest of the month. I am challenging you to do something intentional every day that is good for YOU. Choose something good, positive, healthy, and uplifting for you.

Just to be clear…I love serving and taking care of others. This is important to me. I am looking each day as to who I can help. At this season of my life, I have a lot of opportunity in my immediate circle to serve and help others. I feel grateful that I am able to do this, but I also know, that I can become resentful, overwhelmed and irritable if I am not taking care of my mind, heart, soul and my own health first.

So for today I challenge YOU to plan at least one thing YOU will do each day for YOUR health. I promise, YOU will feel better, more rested, stronger, clearer, happier, and maybe even calmer. You will have more energy to help those around you and serve even more.

Don’t know where to start? This is entirely possible, if you have neglected yourself for too long.

Some simple ideas to start with…

  • Take a walk outside for 20-40 minutes.
  • Plan some quiet time or meditate for 10 minutes.
  • Start practicing positive self-talk and encouraging YOUR self. Change your talk to I “get” to, instead of I “have” to.
  • Just STOP being so hard on yourself.
  • Drink more water.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Take time for a devotion and prayer.
  • Have coffee with a friend.
  • Sign up for a bible study.

You get the idea. We all get filled up in different ways, but there are many good choices that YOUR well-being can benefit from. Think about what would be encouraging and uplifting to YOU, YOUR mind, YOUR heart, or YOUR soul.

Be intentional about it. Let us stop just being busy, doing more, and let us be intentional about taking care of ourselves.

Start today. I want to hear about what you are doing.

Healthy Vibes Today Facebook Group by Kelley Ranaudo

I am starting a private facebook group for us to support and encourage each other on this journey to feeling our best.

Please join me. My private group is within my community page “Kelley Ranaudo” or you can join by clicking this link “Healthy Vibes Today“.

Hope to see you there.

Enjoy today,
kelley ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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