You Should Follow Your Dreams

You Should Follow Your Dreams

When is the last time you felt alive, like pure excitement and fear mixed together? When is the last time you truly followed your dreams? Maybe you felt an amazing rush with a dream or an idea that you wanted to pursue? Maybe when you were traveling to a city you have always wanted to visit. Maybe it was when you had just signed up for an entirely new career pursuit, or you are planning a move that you have been talking about for years.

I always say that if I pass by all these exciting pursuits and opt for no change, I’ll be comfortable and fine, but when I think of big changes, pursuits or dreams that I  want, I get this amazing rush throughout me. I feel so alive. I feel excited, and I also feel a bit of fear come over me. In order to make changes and follow a dream, we have to face some fears, and push through them. I mean you have to gear yourself up and really push through them, but following your dreams is oh so worth it.

I feel like I either think or say this a lot, “call me crazy, but I want to….”. I know now that this is when I feel the most alive. This is when I become me. This is when I put what other people think aside and purely listen to my heart and soul. This leads to excitement, chasing dreams, stepping out of my comfort zone, and following my heart. I would much rather be called crazy than normal. Life has too many possibilities to stick with normal.

Does it always end up how I imagined? Not always. Am I glad that I followed my heart and took the path? Absolutely.

Chasing your dreams doesn’t always mean that you end up where you imagine. To me, chasing your dreams means finding out where that “tug” on your heart will take you. Following the path to see what happens, so that you never look back and wonder. Sometimes it leads to what you are looking for, which is amazing. Sometimes that pursuit was a season in your life, and you become a better person for it.

As I think back over the years, I think of when I have had this feeling. Of course, walking down the aisle and having my babies were all exhilarating times in my life, but I am talking more of finding yourself, following your heart and living to feed your soul. Usually, I feel alive when I start something new, or off the “normal” path, as some like to call it. Yes, you will sometimes hear from naysayers when you follow your heart. This is when you have to stay strong and push through your fears. Don’t let what people say make you question yourself. Don’t let them stop you from following your heart.

If I didn’t take the leap, I would never have started my own business, which was an amazing journey.

If I didn’t take the leap, I would never have sold my business, which opened my life up to new possibilities.

If I didn’t take the leap, I would not be homeschooling my kids, which has been a life-changing journey.

If I didn’t take the leap, I would not have released my blog into the world, which has strengthened my courage.

If I didn’t take the leap, I would not have wrote a book, which has again strengthened my courage.

Every one of these paths, has nurtured my soul and let me follow my heart. Each one of these paths has made me excited, alive and opened up new possibilities. Each one of these paths took everyday courage to walk. I could have missed each one of these callings if I had listened to my fear or worried about what other people would think. I wouldn’t change any of it.

I will continue to follow my heart and pursue what is good for my soul. I will continue to step out of my comfort zone and try and learn new things. I will continue to do what my heart desires. I will continue to surround myself and follow encouraging, inspiring brave people that love to step out of their comfort zone.

I hope I can encourage others to step out of their comfort zone as well. There is no feeling like the feeling of being alive and believing in yourself to follow a dream. It is never, ever too late to follow a new, different, or less traveled path. Be brave. Be bold. Start living the life that you imagine.

“You have to be brave in your life, so that others can be brave with theirs.”

I am taking the leap of faith every day and working toward new and exciting changes for my family. For me, there is no other way to live.

Enjoy today and take a leap,

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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