Shake it up baby!

We found this shake at Whole Foods the other day and my daughter loved it. I would call her a “moody” eater. One day she eats strawberries. The next day she doesn’t like them. Little by little we have helped her eat healthier, but she is tough. She wants snacks, … Read more

Kids Fit Blast

We love to do short fitness blasts anytime during the day to wake us up, improve our health and because it is simply FUN! We homeschool, so these make great motivators between lessons. We have many different variations, but today my son led me in this one: Arm circles Arm … Read more

Juicing? Not me.

I always thought I would never “Juice”. I eat good. I eat lots of fruits and raw vegetables. Of course, I never REALLY looked into it. Well, now I have… and I REALLY look forward to a juice each day and I miss it when I don’t have one.  The … Read more

80/20 Rule

I know some of us enjoy going to the gym for an hour or more.  I don’t.  I have never enjoyed being at the gym or working out longer than needed.  This post won’t be for everyone, but many of us just want the basics.  We don’t need creative, we … Read more

10 Things to Know

As a mother of two, and someone who loves to exercise, I have learned that it is almost impossible sometimes to find a time and place to exercise.  As with many things with life and motherhood, you need to accept and find a compromise.  Things will not always be exactly … Read more

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