10 Ways to Slow Down and Live with More Intention

10 Ways to Slow Down and  Live with More Intention

Last week I talked about living with more intention, and remembering that you get to choose what’s on your schedule each week. So, if your plate feels too full, you need to talk to the person that put it there…YOU.

I’ve been there…and I still go there sometimes. I am actually there as I write this, and am reminding myself how I get back to a calmer, less anxious place.

To be honest, life will pull you in many directions, and even more so, when you are trying to slow down. Many tugs are responsibilities that you need to be there for…family, kids, parents, work and more. I find that sometimes, the more I start feeling in control, the more I get pulled. It is almost a test to strengthen my choices.

Take Your Power Back

Let’s get to it. Here are some ways that I have found to slow down, live with more intention, and make more meaningful choices.

  1. Create a Morning Routine…I have said it many times…how you start your day is huge. This has given me clarity, space, and much calmer days.
  2. Gratitude Practice…This has filled up my tank and brought back my joy, when I truly wasn’t sure where it went. Studies show that practicing gratitude improves sleep, self-esteem, and mind health.
  3. Have a weekly or monthly Focus or Intention…So often I would try to improve too many things at one time, and nothing would actually improve. Just more frustration. Until I began working on one thing at a time. Patience. Gratitude. Love. Kindness. Eye contact. You pick. Start with one.
  4. Pause before saying Yes or No…Practice the pause. It doesn’t come easy for many of us. Go go go. I know. You feel pressured to answer. The phone dings. The emails pile up. Someone else leaves you a message. Take a breath. Unless it is an emergency, take your time to respond. Find what works for you, just don’t say yes right away, unless it is a big YES with zero uncertainty. Truly think about what is best for you and your family.
  5. Rest when stressed…Rather than pushing through, many times we need to back off and slow down. Refill your tank…body, mind, and soul. This will make you stronger. We rest in many ways. Not just sleeping, or taking quiet time. Sometimes just fun, play or relaxing with your family. Take a break, have some fun, and you will come back stronger and more productive.
  6. Create a Plan…I found that just writing down what I want has helped make it happen every week. Tell the family what day and time you are working out. Tell yourself what healthy foods you will make this week. Write down the date you plan to finish that project you keep putting off. Take time on Sunday to plan for the week…workouts, meals, kid’s schedules, and your time. Download the free Daily Motivation Plan that has changed my days.
  7. Take care of YOU first…This is not selfish. This is not making it all about you. It is necessary. Your battles are easier to handle. You don’t take things as personal, and you face your challenges and make it to the other side. Choices are not as hard. You are more confident in your decisions. Amazingly, you will end up with more time for others, and a happy helping heart.
  8. Be Honest…With yourself about what you need, what you are missing, and what is good energy, and what drains or stresses you. Start paying attention and truly be honest. Then…get to work and actually take action.
  9. Get Quiet or Meditate and Deep Breathing…Either way, your mind needs time off. Give it a break. This will decrease your stress, anxiety, and help you clear your mind. Most of us don’t take time to take deep breaths. Just stopping and taking 5-10 deep breaths (in through the nose, and out through the mouth) sends a message to your brain to calm down, which sends a message to your body, which begins reducing the symptoms of stress and helping you relax.
  10. Spend Less Time on Social Media…THIS is huge. When you are spending a lot of time scrolling through other people’s lives, and posting, instead of living, you are not fully in the present. Not that you can’t do both…but be honest about how much time and energy it is taking from your life. Take a break and see how you feel.

Listen, these are not rocket science I know, but it is the simple, daily practices that will improve how you feel, and improve your daily life. They may be common sense, but they are not always common practice.

Share a comment below and tell us how you are going to start living with more intention. ❤️

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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