#140: The Waiting Without the Worry

We are all waiting for something, whether we are in a really hard season, or have something uncertain going on in our lives. How are you responding in the waiting? Are you filled with worry, or are you choosing to trust God and get closer to God during this hard, uncertain season? I want you to think about it. Are you showing up for what matters? These are important thoughts in order for us to get through this hard season and become better through it. What happens during the waiting is possibly more important than what we are waiting for.

Challenge: Choose to show up for what matters in the waiting this week.

Resource: The Hard Good, by Lisa Whittle

Quote: I said in the podcast that Toby Mac said this, but he actually posted it, which is where I saw it.

What God does in us as we wait is often much more important than what we are waiting for.

Rich Villodas
Kelley Ranaudo

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