Planking Roll Call

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Fitness | 0 comments

Planking roll call…who is still planking? If you forgot, hmmmm….or fell off, just get back at it. We are planking with you. Our goal is a minute. One minute a day. I promise, you will be thankful, feel stronger and empowered that you did it. In case you missed the start of the challenge, here is my post from last week to get you started planking. We are planking into Thanksgiving, and I want to challenge you to tell yourself today, that you are going right through Thanksgiving and planking into the New Year. I am with you. We got this. One minute a day.

An idea to help you plank longer, and to keep it interesting, is to add side planks as well. The picture above shows you a side forearm plank. Yes, it is on vacation, on a paddle board, but just showing you can plank almost anywhere. 🙂

Planking with a partner

In my planking video that I posted over a year ago to Facebook showing how you can add the side plank to stay in your plank longer. It helps change it up and pass the time. My daughter said she was going to try for 2 minutes the other day, and ended up staying up for 4 minutes, adding the side plank. We are usually always stronger than our mind thinks we are. Don’t let your mind talk you out of it.

Change your thoughts…change your world.

Next steps

Another reminder this week, as we enjoy the start of the season, is to continue practicing gratitude every morning. Consistent gratitude practice fills us up a little more every day. In order to feel good throughout the holidays, let us keep up with our 5 daily habits to avoid pure survival this year. We are going to thrive! Read my Healthy Tips for the Holidays post or watch my Holiday Workout video to get started in your home.

It is all in the mind. Prepare your mind to keep these habits during the holiday. Your mind is powerful. These habits are not complicated. They are actually pretty simple. The hard part is just doing them, which is really not that hard. Make it happen, and don’t cancel on yourself this year. Put your health on the top of the priority list this year. You are worth it.

Kelley Ranaudo