Healthy Tips for the Holidays

This time of year can be beautiful, joyful, and wondrous, but can also be stressful, exhausting, and frustrating for many. The balance of the emotions, the craziness as we try to truly enjoy the season, while also living up to the many expectations that have been created with this time of year, can feel like an overwhelming task. To top it off, we throw our usual routine out the window, along with our sanity, tennis shoes, water bottle and workout routine.

Not this year. This year we are going to enjoy the holidays, get our workouts in, and not just survive the season….we are going to thrive.

If you are tired of losing every sense of your healthy self around this time , and throwing your routine out until the New Year….then stop approaching it as all or nothing. There is a middle ground when life gets CRAZY!!

Modify your routine, find a better balance, and enjoy the treats in moderation.

You CAN do this…and YOU WILL.

Our Holiday Thrive Guide for the season. Some simple tips and habits that we are going to continue to practice this year. Watch my Healthy Holiday Tips video.

  1. Move everyday. You have to. Not just workouts, but become more active throughout your day. Go for more walks. Take the stairs. Take walk breaks during work. Meet a friend and walk.
  2. Master your Morning. Don’t lose your morning routine. If you don’t have one, it is time to get one. Wake up in time to have time to yourself. Include things like reading, bible, quiet time, gratitude, prayer, coffee, stretching, or listening to an encouraging podcast, and time for  planning your day.
  3. More water. It is easy to slack off on your water. Don’t forget it. This will do more than you realize for you throughout the holidays. Be sure to fill up on water at parties and dinners too. This can help keep you from filling up with extra wasteful calories. Cheers.
  4. Meditation or quiet time. Take time each day to get away from the noise. Enjoy some quiet. Take 5-10 to close your eyes, and just be. This will help keep you calm in the midst of chaos, and help reduce stress.
  5. Modify, Moderation and Balance. When it comes to the holidays, for some reason we sometimes go all or nothing. This time of year, your routine might not be your usual, or what you like, but don’t toss it completely out the window. If you can’t make your full workout, challenge yourself for 20 minutes if possible. Workouts may be shorter, but you still get them in. Don’t blow it off completely. You don’t have to say NO to desserts and alcohol, but just have less.

That is it.

Move. Morning routine. More water. Meditate. Moderation.

Below are two short workout videos you can use at home to keep moving during the holidays.

Watch my Holiday Workout video for a more challenging strength routine that you can repeat for a longer workout.

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Watch my Basic Strength Training Routine video for a basic workout, that is good if you are just starting, that comes from our 30 Day Just Move Challenge.

Enjoy this time of year,

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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