What Habit is Holding You Back?

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As we work toward feeling our best, living our best life and chasing our dreams, a lot of change is going to take place. Change is good, and necessary to grow. Change can be scary, and it takes every day courage, but it can also be amazing. Just don’t be so stubborn, that you hold your own self back by not changing a habit that could be keeping you from living your best life.

What Are You Doing Every Day?

Whatever you are trying to achieve, whether it is better health, a better life or a dream you are chasing, your success will come from YOUR habits… what YOU are doing every single day.

Most of the time, I do believe we know what is holding us back, and we are either too scared, too stubborn, or just not being honest with ourselves, making excuses to ourself, or maybe even to someone else.

Much of the time, good things are not convenient or easy. Yep. Accept this and embrace it.

You Are Capable of Making Changes

This habit that is holding you back could be many, many little or even big things that happen every day. For today, I want you to have an honest conversation with yourself, and have the courage to try to change whatever it is that is holding you back. Make a commitment to yourself.

In order to grow, you have to change something.

It took me a while, but every one of the habits below was holding me back, and still tries to every day. I finally told myself, ENOUGH.

Every day, I fight some of these demons and will continue to. I can say that some of the fights have become easier. I am still working to wear the others down, so hopefully, they get easier too.

Just take on changing one habit at a time. You don’t need to try to change them all at once. I know for a fact though, that the fights become easier when I take care of myself (rest, exercise, healthy eating, time for myself).

I know this, because, when I take care of myself….I AM stronger.

Can You Relate to One of these Thoughts?

Are you just being stubborn?

Do you just not want to be inconvenienced? 

Maybe you just don’t want to “let go” of your old ways or your old life. 

Are you saying you don’t have time, but you are still spending several hours watching tv, or doing something else, sleeping in, or just procrastinating?

Do you just not want to give up sugar? or diet cokes? 

Are you letting other people affect your attitude?

Does it still really matter that much to you what other people think of you?

Are you too busy saying yes to everyone else, but not to yourself?

Is it just too easy and natural to complain and continue to be negative? 

Are you trying to be something that you aren’t? Start today being true to who YOU are.

Are you scared of failing?

Are you just impatient that what you want might take some time and work?

Are you waiting for someone else to believe in you and cheer you on?

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Believe in yourself. Some of those people (that you love very much, and they love you too) might never give you the cheer you are looking for, and that is OK. Or maybe, when you believe in yourself anyway, they will eventually get on board.

Do this for YOU, and in all that YOU do. Be your own cheerleader

Just take on one habit at a time. You don’t need to try to change them all at once. Do this for YOU. Be honest with YOU. Change your habits so that YOU can change your life. Change your habits so that YOU can feel your best and live YOUR best life.

There is SO much good on the other side of every one of those excuses and habits you know you need to change.

Do it today.

Kelley Ranaudo

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