Transform Your Core with Simple Planking Exercises for Beginners

Hey there my friends! We have planking vibes this week as we move toward the holidays! Our goal this year is to feel good, and not completely lose every bit of our healthy self in the midst of our busy days. I am going to help YOU!!

This video is Day 6 of my 30 Day Just Move Challenge, and will give you proper planking form. Watch the video to get started planking. The goal is build a habit of planking every day. If you are already planking, awesome, try to go for at least a minute a day. If you are already doing a minute, start moving toward 2 minutes! Just add 5-10 seconds at a time. You will surprise yourself.

If planking is new to you, watch the video to be sure you plank correctly and safely. You should not be feeling pain in your back. Watch the video for adjustments.

If you are New to Planking try this plan for the next 10 days:

  • Today ~ 20 seconds
  • Day 2 ~ 25 seconds
  • Day 3 ~ 25 seconds
  • Day 4 ~ 30 seconds
  • Day 5 ~ 30 seconds
  • Day 6 ~ 35 seconds
  • Day 7 ~ 35 seconds
  • Day 8 ~ 40 seconds
  • Day 9 ~ 40 seconds
  • Day 10 ~ 45 seconds

You can always go longer if you feel good, but at least try this plan to start.

If you are already planking, but not at a minute, try this plan:

  • Today ~ 30 seconds
  • Day 2 ~ 35 seconds
  • Day 3 ~ 40 seconds
  • Day 4 ~ 40 seconds
  • Day 5 ~ 45 seconds
  • Day 6 ~ 45 seconds
  • Day 7 ~ 50 seconds
  • Day 8 ~ 50 seconds
  • Day 9 ~ 55 seconds
  • Day 10 ~ 1 minute!

I need to hear from you. I want to know how you are doing. Email me and let me know how its going. This is how we encourage ourselves and each other!!

When we are consistent daily, we will feel progress. Progress leads to more progress.

You WILL feel stronger after this 10 days. Get to it.

Let’s go rock the plank!

Kelley Ranaudo
Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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