Nurture Your “Whole” Self

Nurture Your “Whole” Self

What are you missing? Do you feel like maybe there could be more? Possibly, you could feel a bit better? Or….a whole lot better?

About 12 years ago, I truly began to experience a slight emptiness in my self that I didn’t know was there. It wasn’t overwhelming at all, but I knew it was there. A few years later it grew bigger. I thought I had always taken good care of myself. At least I thought. I knew I enjoyed exercise and that was consistent in my life.

Overall, I thought I was happy and making good choices.  I was learning more each day about eating healthy. I thought I was following my passion, and chasing my dreams. I now had two little ones, and I was in my thirties. I loved this time, but I was not the same. As we all eventually learn, there are different seasons of life, and changes that come along with it.

Speak Up Even When Your Voice Shakes

As the emptiness grew bigger, and I began to withdraw, I knew I needed to change something. It was hard to bring up how I was feeling. Some things are harder to talk about. Most conversations these days were more superficial, and going deeper seemed hard to get to. Life was busier and faster for everyone.

I started with my doctor. I had to push my doctor to look further as to why I was feeling so empty. I declined medication, not that I disagree with medication, I know it has a place, but because I didn’t think I was finding my real answer.  At this point I was empty, but I didn’t feel that I couldn’t fix it yet.

Click here to read ‘My Journey with Anxiety and Depression and Why I Choose to Take Medication’ from Sarah Mae about a time when medication was needed and worked.

As I finally learned from pushing my doctor to do more tests, and from my own digging, there is a lot more to feel good than exercising. Exercising more wasn’t the cure this time.

I was depleted in several vitamins, with vitamin D being the biggest culprit. Funny thing, vitamin D is still not checked when you get an annual physical. This is such an important vitamin, and one that is common to be low, but there has to be a “reason” for them to check it. It is a good idea to ask your doctor to check. The symptoms I was feeling included lack of energy, sadness or emptiness, aching and tenderness in my joints.

One Change at a Time

This is where your “whole” health comes in. If you aren’t feeling your best, you CAN feel better.

When I go over the list below, I know that back then I wasn’t nurturing most of what was on this list. Meaning, I wasn’t truly doing what I should for each component of my overall health.

  • Exercise and being active
  • Nutrition
  • Vitamins
  • Mind health
  • Prayer
  • Rest
  • Boundaries
  • Gratitude
  • Self-love
  • Positive energy and vibes
  • Hobbies
  • Being outside
  • Being true to me
  • Heart and Soul-filling work

One more for another post, you have to get out of your comfort zone and grow every day.

Change Your Perspective

Just for the record, I am not old, but as we get older, nurturing your “whole” self becomes even more important.

  • It is not how you look, but how you feel.
  • It is not about what you do, but why you are doing it.
  • It is not about how many friends you have, but how you feel with your friends.
  • It is not about being popular, but about being kind and inclusive and encouraging.
  • It is not about how much you have, but how grateful you are for what you have.
  • It is not about being better than others, but being yourself and being your best self.
  • It is not about always saying yes, but saying yes to what makes your heart and soul feel good.

Stop listening to “fake it until you make it”, or “come on, everybody is doing it”.

Listen to YOUR heart and take care of YOUR heart and soul.

Be YOU. Be real. Be authentic to yourself.

Take care of yourself…every bit of your whole self. Look at the list above and think about what you might be missing. Start doing what will fill that up.

It is time to feel your best and live your best life.

You have the go-ahead to just start today.

kelley ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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