#124: Grace

Grace is the most underused superpower we can have. Grace gives us permission to move on. The ability to let go, forgive yourself, and move on quickly seems to be one of the most underused super powers. I can do all the things, but if I can’t give myself grace when I mess up, I won’t be able to bounce back and start again. I won’t be able to get back up, when I fall down. I won’t be able to laugh at myself when I make mistakes.

Challenge: This week work on your grace muscle, for you and others. We need grace for the rest of our lives. Give yourself and others more grace this week.

Quote: One of the best game-changing habits you can develop is getting back up when life gets you down, and for that you need the superpower of GRACE.

Resource: The Daily Surrender Journal

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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