You are Enough

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A friend of mine called me recently, and asked what I was doing. I began to explain, laughing, that I was driving across town to bring something to my husband, because I had forgotten to give it to him just 30 minutes ago when I was with him. Typical forgetfulness. She laughed, and without pausing, said that she always does stupid stuff and thinks she is such a mess, and then she calls me and always feels better, because she sees that I am a big hot mess too. Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing. I loved that she just honestly told me what she thought, and there is nothing better than having anyone say, “I do that stupid stuff too!” I have messed up so many times in life. Small mistakes. Big mistakes. Stupid mistakes. I do things sometimes, that I just can’t believe. I mean daily. We all do right?

I also do a lot of things good. It is my job to tell my self this. My job. I know this. If I wait for everyone else to tell me all the good things I do….I might be waiting awhile, and I am going to constantly believe that I am not enough.

As much as we talk about lifting others, we have to lift ourselves up first. Every single day, tell yourself at least 5 things that you like about yourself. Brag to yourself. Pat your own back. Laugh at your mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

I can be really good at beating myself up over a mistake, or not following through on something, or not getting everything done I needed to. Our society helps us to do this.  I have decided that this jig right here is UP.

Stop comparing. Stop thinking you should be doing what someone else is doing. We each have our own uniqueness. We each have our own definition of success and what is important to us. We each have our own purpose. Embrace yours….today.

For today, you have to truly start believing and treating yourself with kindness and encouragement. Pay attention to what you say to yourself in your mind. Talk nicely. When it shifts to negative, pause and change the dialogue. Create your own mantra to repeat when you are starting to talk negatively. It can be as simple as “I am enough”, or “I am choosing again”, or “I am love”.

I recommend Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, “May Cause Miracles“, for help with daily shifts and redirecting toward a positive mindset.

If you honestly take this serious, you will notice a difference. When you do notice, and start truly loving who you are, hold on to it. Embrace it and don’t let anyone make you feel different.

This is an every day practice. Like EVERYTHING else in life, we have to keep working on it daily. When we arrive at feeling good, we don’t just stay there…..we get to truly enjoy it, and then keep up with the daily work to keep feeling good. Don’t stop the daily work. Exercise, eating good, meditation, positive self talk, laughing, knowing when to say no, and yes, and being kind to yourself.

Lift yourself up today…over and over.

Enjoy today,



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