This Year…Happiness is on Me and You

This Year…Happiness is on Me and You

Of all the dreams I have in this life, at the top is to feel happy and healthy. Health is my focus because I know without good health, it is hard to have the rest. I can not control everything, but deep down, I know my happiness, is in my control.

There was a time when I struggled with liking myself, feeling content, and always believing I was missing the mark. As much as I did, I felt like a mess. Like many of us, I had many dreams and goals of my own, but there was one dream that I kept to myself. Deep down, I prayed that before any of my other dreams came true, I wanted to feel more content, happy, and healthy with myself. I knew that I didn’t need more money, stuff, friends, or success for true happiness, and I wanted to prove it to myself.

Maybe you can relate…

When I get that new job, things will be better.

When we move, it will be better.

When we save this much money, it will be better.

When people understand me, I will feel better.

When I am in better shape, I will be much happier.

When my business is successful, I will feel better.

When someone else tells me I am good, I will feel good.

When other people stop making me feel this way, it will be better.

And on, and on, and on…..

What I believed.

I used to believe that my emptiness was from something someone said, or maybe didn’t say. My frustration was usually from something someone did to me, or maybe how they made me feel. I have over thought more situations over the years and created more stories I told myself, that probably weren’t true. My thoughts were, if could just get this, or that, or reach that next goal, I am sure I would feel better.

I can still remember the day that it all came to a head. I felt resentful, overwhelmed, angry and sad, all at one time, and telling myself, and God, that I knew that wasn’t my heart. My heart was hurting, and it was up to me to change this, and not anyone else. I knew this, but I had let myself believe something else, and I had let the world get to me.

How we feel comes from how we treat our mind, body and soul.

To feel good about yourself, you have to first take care of the basics for your body. Start by feeding your body what it needs, giving yourself water, moving your muscles, and getting enough rest. Then, you have to work on your mind. Feeding it good, positive, encouraging, and not feeding it with negativity. You can’t forget to feed your soul will all the things that make your heart flutter and your soul happy. This is what YOU have to do….nobody else will do this for YOU.

You get to be in control.

YOU are in charge or your happiness, and YOU are in charge of what you feed your body, mind, and soul.

If you want to feel better, happier and more content with yourself, YOU have to start with your health. Your whole health, one choice at a time.

Once you feel good with yourself, you can find happiness with everything else, or have the strength to let go of what doesn’t make you feel good.

Funny... I am a happier, more content person, that truly loves who I am finally, and all of the rest is still there. There are still dreams to reach, parents to help, expectations not met, marriage disagreements, bad days, parenting struggles, hurtful words said, and overwhelming days. I still have challenges, and meltdowns at times, but I am healthier and stronger, not just in my body, but my mind and my soul. I gave this to myself. This was my gift to me, and yes it took time, and still takes work and practice every day, but so worth the work.

THIS is what I want to help you with. Happiness isn’t always good days, lots of smiles, and feeling positive. It is liking yourself, not letting things get you down as easy, the presence of forgiveness, grace and kindness for you and others, and genuinely caring about yourself and others.

Life is not always smiles, but it truly can be good, if you let it.

My goal this year.

I want to help YOU show up for YOU, to take time for YOU, and to help YOU make choices to feel your best because YOU matter.

Choose to take care of YOU first. Keep chasing your dreams, but take care of YOU first. One choice at a time. If you aren’t sure what to do, check out My Daily Five, which is a good start for each day.

I am glad you are here, and together, we are going to feel even better this year.

Just start, and remember YOU come first. The rest WILL be better, IF you are taking care of YOU first.

Enjoy today,

Kelley Ranaudo
Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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