5 Myths You Need to Know Now

5 Myths You Need to Know Now

Knowing what is best for our health can be overwhelming. We are in the age of too much information. Every time you turn around there is a new workout, new diet, new superfood and something you shouldn’t eat. I love learning about health and wellness, and I too can get overwhelmed by it all. If you are just starting out, or you have become frustrated and quit, or you are trying to decide where to start again….start simple. Don’t let all the messages out there confuse you. Most importantly, make some simple choices every day to nurture your health. Move everyday. Walk. Workout. Swim laps. Just move everyday.

For today, I want to talk about several myths with our health that I want to debunk, because I still hear people talk about today.

Myth: Fats are bad.

Truth: There are some healthy fats that are really good for you. Enjoy avocados, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, real grass fed butter, coconut oil, dark chocolate and eggs to name a few. The benefits are amazing. Better skin. Improved digestion and metabolism. Immunity boost. Brain health. Heart health. More energy. Fat burning. Check out the article by Dr. Axe at the bottom to see more.

Myth: I am not lifting weights because I don’t want to get bigger or gain weight.

Truth: Listen ladies, lifting weights is essential for you. This is one of the biggest busters out there. When you increase your muscle mass by lifting weights, your metabolism increases so you become leaner. You will become stronger, so you will feel better, and more confident. Your posture can improve. With proper weight lifting, you will have a stronger core and stronger back. Stop focusing so much energy on your weight and the scale. Most important is how you feel.

Myth: I skip breakfast because I’m not hungry

Truth: Stop skipping meals! When you skip meals, you will gain weight, not lose weight. When you skip meals, you mess up your metabolism, which will lead to you gaining weight. Your metabolism is like a fire burning. You need to give it fuel every few hours to keep burning. When you skip meals, the fire goes out, which is your metabolism that almost comes to a halt. You then have to get it going again at your next meal, but now it is burning slower, so it takes longer to burn that next meal off.

Myth: Fat free and sugar free products have less calories and are better for me.

Truth: Stop buying fat free. These products have more sugar and junk that your body does not need. Go back to the first myth, and start eating healthy fats. Most sugar free products have nasty fake sugars, which your body doesn’t need or know what to do with. Some better sugar options are raw sugar, honey, agave and stevia. If you have a medical reason for not having sugar, you should be sure you are having the best non-sugar option for you. Check out another good article below from Dr. Axe about sugars.

Myth: I am drinking less water because I was retaining water.

Truth: If you are retaining water, you usually need more water. Your body is smart. When you don’t give your body enough water, it begins to hold on to every bit it has, so you begin to retain water. When you give your body more water, it feels comfortable letting it go again. Your body needs water to function. Your cells are composed of mostly water. Your body won’t run efficiently with too little water, so give your body what it needs. You should be drinking at least half your weight in water. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs., you should drink at least 75 ounces of water every day.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s face some of the biggest excuses of all, that someone else is going to do this for you, and that today you don’t have time, and that you have other more important things to do.

LISTEN...it is time to make good choices, nurture your health, and start feeling better. It is up to YOU. Only YOU can change your choices, only YOU can change your habits and only YOU can change how you are feeling.

So start simple and start today. Just start. It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan. Just do at least one thing that is good for your health today. Schedule a physical. Drink more water. Take a walk. Eat less sugar. Eat more salads and vegetables.

Just start. You can do it. At least one thing. You CAN and you WILL.



If you want to read more, here are two good articles by Dr. Axe about healthy fats and the best sugar substitutes.

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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