#96: Interview with Lindsey Wilson: Mastering the Mental Game for Athletes and High Performers

Today’s guest, Lindsey Wilson is a mindset and high-performance mindset coach, a former professional athlete, and the founder of Positive Performance and The Mindset Coach Academy. As a collegiate and professional athlete, Lindsey utilized mindset coaching tools from a young age. This allowed her to experience tremendous success as a basketball player at Iowa State University, get drafted in the WNBA, and play overseas for 8 seasons.

However, despite her many accolades, her proudest result was being described as ‘relentless’ more than once by opposing coaches. Something she attributes to her mindset training. But she also had a front-row seat to so many of her peers struggling with performance simply because they didn’t know how to train their mindset. Because of this huge need, she launched her company in the mid-2000s with a simple mission: to get mindset training tools to as many athletes as possible.

Her mission continues now by providing mindset coaching tools to athletes, teams, and other high performers with her cutting-edge online courses and workshops. Her company works to expand access by training other mindset coaches in her craft. Her company offers the world’s first live dual certification for aspiring mindset coaches through their 4 monthly Mindset Coach Academy certification program. Lindsey is also a mom to three young girls and practices the same mindset training tools she used as a professional athlete, now as an entrepreneur and mom.

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