Letter to my Fellow Moms

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To the mom that feels alone, different, or unsure,

I am writing to YOU and I want you to know…

You are not alone… you are just not following the crowd

You are not different or odd… you are special and uniquely yourself

You are not unsure… you are just growing into your true self

This can be an unsettling place to be, but don’t ever sacrifice being true to you and your beliefs. If you aren’t yourself, your people will never find you.

I am finding that the community of moms can be the most lonely community I have ever belonged to. It can also be the most fulfilling community to belong to.

Don’t get me wrong. I have met some amazing, encouraging, and authentic moms along the way, but when we get scared and uncertain, some of us seem to sometimes forget that love, and not hate, will bring us back to courage, each other, and our place of comfort.

I’ve had many conversations with moms over the years, and we all experience the highs and lows, struggles, and insecurities. If you are feeling any of these, you are not alone.

Let go of envy, jealousy, comparison and competition.

There is plenty of goodness, happiness, friendship and success to go around. Give more. Share more. Connect more. Include more. Love more.

The more goodness you give, the more will come back to you.

Share your friends. Share your resources. Share your tips. Share encouragement. This will begin to fill you up too.

“Whoever seeks good finds favor, but evil comes to one who searches for it.” ~Proverbs 11:27

When you start feeling insecure or unsettled, look for the good and lift another mom up. It works. Send an encouraging text, phone call or compliment. Get off of social media and connect in the real world. Begin a conversation with a mom you don’t know.

Most of us have felt uncertain and unsure at different times. Many of us have made choices we aren’t proud of, said things we shouldn’t have. But, listen…this mom gig is no joke. We need support, understanding and encouragement.

Let go of the past. Start fresh. Forgive. Move on. Give yourself and others grace. Today, let us start a new movement for all of us.

So I write to YOU moms that are hurting…you are not alone…you are just not following the crowd, and good for you.

Just to be clear…there isn’t anything wrong with you…you are being true to who you are, and good for you.

You are not unsure…you have become unsettled because you realize there should be more among moms.

There should be more kindness, more support, more authenticity, and more grace, and good for you. 

I agree.

There can be. Let it start with YOU. Let it start with US. Give yourself grace for starters. We all make mistakes. Then, give other moms grace as well.

Seek out the mom that seems alone, uncertain, and unsure. She is looking for the same. She is waiting for you, I know.

“Therefore as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” ~Colossians 3:12

With grace and courage,



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