#113: Interview with Freyda Smith, Nurturing Faith and Family in Everyday Life

This is an encouraging conversation about prayer, keeping God close in our day to day life, our teen’s faith, and more. It was so good to sit down with Freyda Smith, who is a friend and fellow mom that always encourages and steers me straight to God.

She lives in Winter Garden, FL with her husband of 20 years, and their three children 18,16, and 11. She is a licensed Realtor, and has been practicing for 18 years. When she isn’t running the children to and from school, you can find her on a ball field cheering her kids’ baseball, or softball teams. Her children attend a local Christian school and she stays active there as well as leading Moms In Prayer. She thrives on having God at the center of everything she does, so she feels balanced and finds great peace attending church, finding a safe place with her Bible study group of 11 years, and committing to show up with her workout group of 7 years.

From Freyda, “God called me to Moms In Prayer. No doubt about it. I was searching for something to encourage other moms at school. I have an amazing group of moms I’ve been doing bible study with for 8 years and I met other moms that I knew could really benefit from that same type of community fellowship. I shared this with a school/baseball mom/friend who had just recently moved to Maitland and her kids were now enrolled at Orangewood Christian. She invited me to attend their MIP meeting and that summer I spoke with our elementary school principal and by the fall we had the green light to begin meeting at First Baptist Church in Winter Garden’s basement. So many women hungry for fellowship came and they all had the same goal, to trade in their fear and anxiety about their children for the freedom that comes from prayers covered by the blood of Jesus.

I came to have a personal relationship with Jesus at about the age of 9. My family moved to Florida from Puerto Rico and our neighbors at the time invited us to church. This small act set ablaze in my heart a fire for God and it spread to my entire nuclear family. We’ve all been Christ followers since then and I pray to ensure that legacy of Christ-followers for generations to come.”

Challenge: Use one of Freyda’s tips this week to spend more time this week with God.

Books we talked about:
Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper
Quiet, by Susan Cain
The Truth About Us, by Brant Hansen

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