Healthy Holiday Vibes

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As we go into the last week before Christmas, I want to emphasize to you the importance of not losing every bit of yourself right now. Slow down, and BE intentional about enJOYing the season. Don’t just say it. Live it.

Remember, pressure is a choice. It is too easy to get caught up in the pressure, the stress. and feeling overwhelmed.

This year you have to believe, and remember….this year will be different my friend.

This year will be different, because YOU will make it different. Don’t throw in the towel on your health until the New Year. Throwing in the towel now makes it that much harder to get going in January, and that much harder to feel good during the holidays. Remember, let’s just modify our routines a bit, and do our best to find a balance in all of it. 

Last minute ideas to add some JOY to the Healthy Holiday To-Do list for this week…

  1. Let us BE intentional about being present every day with the ones we love. Put down the phone. Look them in their eyes. Let them know you see them and that they matter. Listen to them. Talk about the reason for the season.  
  2. Play Christmas music every day throughout your house or car. ????
  3. Get outside every day. Walk around and enjoy the neighbor’s lights or just sit outside to get fresh air. ✨
  4. Take 5-10 minutes to meditate and have a quiet mind. 
  5. Move your body every day. Walk, stretch, or do a 20 minute workout to get your blood flowing. You will actually get more done in your day if you add a quick workout. Dance in the kitchen. Your energy and mood will go up. 
  6. Lighten up. Choose to relax more. Choose to laugh and let go. Stop jumping to conclusions and creating more drama. LET IT GO. 
  7. Add more light. You be the light by smiling more. Light more candles. Keep the  tree lights on more. Put up more twinkly lights inside your house. Let there be light, light, light. ✨
  8. Create the memories and do the things that don’t need to be done. Drive around and see lights. Make hot cocoa. Watch another Christmas movie with the kids. 
  9. Remember…you don’t have to keep buying more. Once your list is done. Be done. Kids truly want memories, not stuff. 

Have the courage to slow down and be intentional this week. Make the memories. Take a pause from the busy, and enjoy the moments with those you love. ♥️

EnJOY each day….just one moment at a time,

Kelley Ranaudo


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