There is so much good in every day life, but yes this can come with challenges as well. The struggle can be so real for all of us in different ways, and possibly many of the same ways. I love life and I work every day to really enjoy life, but every day struggles are real. I see it all around me as well. Some people are struggling right in front of you. Take a step back and identify your struggles. What are your every day struggles? What stresses you out and what knocks the wind out of your sails? What do you want to improve on? What are challenges that you should tackle?

Don’t be afraid to admit your struggles. This will lift loads off of you. Don’t let fear hold you back. Be honest. It feels good. Once you identify these challenges, yes… the struggle becomes very real…but you can tackle it. You can actually try to attack that challenge. You are actually doing something about it and not just accepting, complaining and letting the struggle get to you. Embrace the struggle, pray about the struggle, and learn about yourself.

Do you struggle with your health? Start today. Go for a walk. Give yourself 20 minutes to move and exercise. Make better choices. Don’t just give up and eat anything. Take that challenge head on and make a change. Message me if this is your struggle. I would love to give you just a few tips to attack this struggle.

Do you struggle with getting things done? Make a list. Make it happen today. Prioritize. Stop letting Facebook, TV, or other distractions eat up your time.

Do you struggle with saying no? This gets easier, but not until you start using it. You have one life to live. You choose where your time is spent. It isn’t personal. It is about priorities. Choose wisely.

Do you struggle with saying yes? Are there things you want to do, but can’t find the time? Once you start saying no, you can start saying yes to what matters. Yes! It is empowering to say YES to what is important to YOU and your family, and possibly not what is popular with the crowd.

Think about your struggles. Take one at at time. Tackling each challenge head on, embracing it and deciding how to improve it, is absolutely empowering. This will make you stronger.

My husband found this quote and posted it in our kitchen. It is such a good reminder every day.

“As long as you embrace struggle and mistakes, you can achieve or learn anything.” – author unkown

Enjoy today,

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