Consistency needs Discipline

Consistency needs Discipline

This is the last post in our four part series helping us to make progress toward our goals. Just to recap, so far we are working on the following:

  1. Being HONEST with ourselves about what we want, and truly being AWARE of what is holding us back.
  2. Being INTENTIONAL every day about what we need to DO to move toward our goals.
  3. Taking ACTION. Intention needs action.

From this day forward we are now going to work on CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE in our actions. Action is good, but we have to become disciplined, and consistently take action every single day. We can’t do something every now and then, we HAVE to DO something every day to move toward our goal. This can be small or big. Every action is important. I gave some ideas in my last post to keep your momentum on crazy, busy days.

Usually, we start highly motivated, and full of excitement to go after our goals. As days pass, we get tired, someone says something to make us stumble, life gets in the way and somehow our excitement, courage, and confidence grows weary. Every time.

I find that when I have stumbled a bit and feel worn out, there are  a few things I HAVE to do to keep going. It is amazing how one day you feel like you can conquer anything, and the next day you might want to just crawl back in bed. When I feel tired, insecure, off track or uncertain, I find that all or any of the following help me:

  1. Prayer….praying for exactly what I need.
  2. Rest…this can be a good nights sleep, or just some quiet time to myself.
  3. Fun…to take a break and enjoy true fun or play time with my family and friends.
  4. Creativity….write, paint, draw, create, build…all let your mind wander and dream and inspire.
  5. Exercise….one workout puts my head in a better place.
  6. Positive message….time listening to a podcast or video, talking with someone encouraging in your life that lifts you up, reading a good, positive, inspiring book. If you need ideas, reach out to me.
  7. Nutrition….filling myself up with good stuff. Go to the good. When feeling down, your body needs good to feel strong.
  8. Just taking action. Doing anything for my goal. Some easy ideas from my last post.

None of these are rocket science. The hard part is not crawling back in your bed. This is the time to toughen up, and tell yourself you are going to do the hard thing and climb out of your tired place. Grit. Why not try? All of these ideas are good, positive intentions and actions. If today is the day you feel you are falling off track, see above and get to work.

ACTION is nothing if we are not doing it CONSISTENTLY every day. This takes DISCIPLINE.  If you just thought….”yeah that’s me”, don’t accept this. I will tell you this is ME too. I constantly struggle with discipline and being consistent.

You CAN change. Amazingly, we all can do it. You CAN become better at this. You CAN improve on all things. YOU have to believe in yourself. Don’t look for someone else to believe in you. YOU have to BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

THIS is the power of change. BELIEVE.

For today, CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE. Keep it up. You CAN do it. Believe in yourself.

Enjoy today!!


Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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