Celebrate with me on turning 50 🥳

Celebrate with me on turning 50 🥳

This has been a big week for me.

I turned 50 on Monday… and that right there is something to celebrate. 

So many emotions.

I have been doing a whole lot of reflecting, of course celebrating 🥳, and I have been battling the devil, and all of the expectations and gray clouds he is chasing me with. 

Listen, I am sure you can relate.

No matter how good we feel. No matter how grateful we are. No matter the blessings in our life.

That devil will work us silly. Overload us with stupid expectations, fear, evil, depressing predictions, worries, and sometimes real life sadness and heartache. I know that sounds like a bunch, but I felt every last one of those this past week. 

And…only with God, my faith, and my choices….did I manage to push each one of those feelings aside.

With all of my reflection, and how I worked through it…it always reminds me of how far I have come.

So, this is what you can give me for my birthday.

I would love for each of you to take responsibility for at least one choice in your life that you have been wanting to change, but haven’t. Or, one habit that you are working on, and today you choose not to give up on it.

These are simple, but not easy, choices that I have made over the years that have helped me bounce back better, not let the devil win, and handle all of it with less guilt.

Celebrate with me, by taking care of YOU.

Make a choice today.

Anything that is good for your body, mind, or soul. 

Some gift ideas that you can give YOU and me…

Pray more.
Choose more grace.
Love who YOU are.
Choose to forgive.
Start exercising today.
Eat less sugar.
Choose more gentleness with your loved ones.
Hug more.
Connect with your kids and spouse.
Start a gratitude practice.
Start saying affirmations today.
Read a devotion with your kids.
Sit outside more. 
Smile more.
Practice the pause.
Practice more patience.
Take one step toward a dream.
Start a morning routine.
Let go of whatever you are holding on to.
Let go of guilt, anger, and resentment.
Let go of unrealistic expectations.
Let go of expectations altogether.
Let go of judgement and gossip.
Decide to start living well and taking care of YOU today.

One other idea…Grab your first journal here today at 20% off all week.

Lastly, reach out and tell me what you choose.

I can be your accountability partner….which is what has lead to my monthly encouragement and accountability program that I am working on for January.

So…take responsibility for a good choice for your well-being today. This will give you more confidence, courage, and you will feel more empowered, which will improve so many areas of your life.

And, don’t say it’s not a good time.

That is the devil intervening!

Anytime is a good time for just one new choice.

Choose it today!  

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving and whatever it looks like this year. Maybe you are missing a few. Maybe it is a hard season. Maybe you are feeling alone. This is even more of a reason to make an intentional choice for your heart and your soul.

Sending so much love and grace to each of you today,


Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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