Be Intentional

Be Intentional

This is the second in the four part series of some tips that have helped me to make progress toward my goals. Once I was HONEST (really honest) with myself about what I wanted, and truly became AWARE (honestly aware) of what was keeping me from going toward it, I sat down and wrote steps that I knew I needed to do to move toward my goals. I told myself I was going to do my best to BE INTENTIONAL about all that mattered in my life.

Make a commitment to BE INTENTIONAL.

Be intentional about taking time every day to pray for what you have.

Be intentional about what you want.

Be intentional about praying for the discipline and strength to go after what you want and not give up.

Be intentional about the small things that matter.

Be intentional about making small steps every day toward your goal.

Be intentional about planning time to work toward your goals.

Be intentional about following your plan.

Be intentional about what you spend time thinking about.

Be intentional about being encouraging to yourself and others.

Be intentional about feeling gratitude and being grateful every day.

Be intentional about BELIEVING in yourself every day.

Just BE MORE INTENTIONAL in all that matters, big and small.

I wrote once before about being intentional here.

Enjoy every bit of today.
kelley ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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