5 Simple Health Tips for Moms that You Can Start Today

5 Simple Health Tips for Moms that You Can Start Today

Listen, there are a zillion of things you can do for your health. I know you see it out there every day through social media, your gym, commercials, your trainer, or your healthy friends. Yes, I do love all the ideas and possibilities out there, but I also know it is overwhelming. Too many people just don’t start, or do anything, for that matter because they don’t know where to begin.

Just Stop

I am here to tell you to first….hold the phone, shut the front door, or whatever catch phrase works for you….just STOP. If you have followed me for anytime, you probably know my basics, my go-to’s, the things in my life I try to do every day. THIS is what I want you to go back to. Unless, you know you have your “health gig” under control, this is what I want you to focus on and start with.

We have to create a better foundation for our health, before we add all of the other ideas. So, if you are going through each day saying….

“I will start tomorrow. I will start in January. Just let me get through the holidays. I have a wedding in May….I have to do something before then.”

You know what I am talking about. What is holding you back?

Just Start Simple

You have to just start today with the basics, and add them one at a time, two at a time, or whatever works for you. Make these simple five a habit, so you are strengthening your foundation. The stronger your foundation, the better you will feel. It is possible to teach this to your kids. With all of the anxiety, stress, and depression we are seeing in all ages, let us work to give our kids daily tools to help them have a healthier foundation….this is one of my ultimate goals.

5 Simple Health Tips for Moms

The beauty of my Daily Five, is that they can be done anywhere, anytime, and honestly don’t take very long, during our busiest days and seasons. Also, they don’t cost you anything. On the flip side, when we are struggling, and needing a stronger foundation, we can spend more time, on several of these, which we will reap even more benefits from.

1. Prayer

Don’t let the day get away from you before you take time with God for thanks, conversation, letting go of your worries, and asking for your needs each day. The rush of the day can easily sweep right past this. If, and when, you realize that your day took off before prayer, stop, drop and pray….pronto.

2. Gratitude Practice

I haven’t always had this in my life, but in the last few years, this has become one of my favorite daily practices. It can honestly take 30 seconds, on those busy days, or we do it as a family, and spend 20 minutes on it. Either way, it can also be done anywhere, and anytime, with anybody. Give the gift of gratitude practice to someone else this holiday.

3. Drink More Water

I start my day with a cup of water. It is the first thing I put in me when I get going. Our body needs and craves it. Water is essential for life, and our body will function more efficiently when we are getting enough. Stop fighting it and start sipping.

4. Get Moving

I am not saying go to the gym every day. I am not saying spend an hour working out every day. Just move in some way each day. Our body needs it, and craves it. Walking, stretching, yoga, planking, or a really good workout if possible. We feel better if we move, stretch, and get the blood, oxygen and much needed nutrients flowing each day.

5. Practice Kindness

This starts with you. The hardest part of kindness is being kind and encouraging to yourself. I have been working hard on this one for awhile, and it is the daily practice of grace, forgiveness, not dwelling, and just changing the thoughts in your head to more positive and kind. It is a choice. It takes everyday practice. Be kind to others, and being intentional about how you treat yourself. You could be sabotaging your own health just with this.

The health of our mind is the root of the health of our body. When a thought comes through that is negative, stop, pause, pray, and begin a new thought, such as, I am kind, I am good, I am enough. The benefits of kindness are endless.

What you feed your mind is just as important, if not more important, than what you feed your body.

I believe in you.

Kelley Ranaudo
Kelley Ranaudo

Kelley Ranaudo

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