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We Need to Nurture Our “Whole” Selves ... Our Mind, Our Body, and Our Soul.

Feel Better and Don't Settle

To all my mom’s out there that are feeling overwhelmed, tired, unfulfilled, or thinking that you have completely lost yourself. You are not alone.

I have been there. Many of us think that as a mom, we just keep going and don’t even know how to start taking care of ourselves. I’ve been there.

Nope. You can feel better. Don’t settle.

I want to help you. I have been there and I have felt all of these feelings, and wanted all of these things, and every one of them seemed out of my reach, and overwhelming to achieve.

I decided one day that I was going to start changing my daily habits and my mindset….one small choice at a time, one day at a time.

Yes, I Want to Feel Like This
Simple steps each day
Nuture your sound and body

This Is Not Another Strict “Plan”, With Too Many Details, That Will Only Last So Long.

Simple steps Each Day

This isn’t more and more exercise, or less and less food, or a complicated meal plan, that you finally can’t keep up ….these are simple steps each day, that works with your life, and that begin to nurture YOU.

This world focuses too much on the outside of us, how we appear, what we are achieving, what milestones our kids are reaching, if they are ahead, and if we “got it together”, and on and on.

We get distracted by all these pressures, and neglect our own inside, confused as to who we are, and what actually makes us feel good….which is the most important part, and what fills us up the most.

We need to give ourselves, and our kids, every bit of goodness we can find, fuel ourselves with what we need, and create boundaries for the things we need less of.

I love that YOU are here and can’t wait to share our journey.

Yes, I Want Simple Choices to Feel My Best