#10: No Place for Judgement & Gossip in a Healthy Mind

by Oct 28, 2019Podcast0 comments

In this episode, we talk about the ongoing daily work to have a healthy mind, and how gossip and judgement can affect our minds. 

Gossip and judgement can be so common, and have unhealthy consequences for us. Why we should stay clear, and how we can avoid it, or get away from it. If you find yourself feeling judgemental often, you have to step back and nurture yourself. The happier we are with ourselves, the less judgement we will feel. 

Ask yourself if you are looking through the eyes of love or judgement. You can change your perspective.

We will be intentional this week to avoid gossip and judgement. Post somewhere, or add a reminder to your phone with the quote, “I choose to see this differently. I choose to see love,” from Gabrielle Bernstein.

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