Together We Rise
Join the Accountability Circle for Moms

 The Accountability Circle

This might not be your typical accountability group but we are here to help take back our time and our lives, so that we can create space for what truly matters. It isn’t about goal chasing and pushing harder, it is about slowing down, eliminating what is stealing our time and energy, and keeping us from our next best choice. 

Usually, it is the distractions, and obstacles, that are in the way that keep us from chasing what matters. 

No matter the goal, or the habit you are working on, this group will help each of us…

  • Get honest about what is in the way.
  • Get intentional about paying attention.
  • Get brave in saying no and what we choose.
  • Get real about eliminating distractions.
  • Be bold to live and honor God first in all that we do.

Here’s what you get access to as a member:

  • Monthly theme, tips, support, and challenges.
  • Weekly zoom with Q&A.
  • Weekly texts for start, mid-week boost, and end-of-week wins.
  • Ask questions and receive help with any challenges, anytime.
  • Community support and encouragement.
  • Extra daily encouragement for those that want it.

For just $25 a month, enjoy a subscription you can cancel anytime. Need additional support? Book a 30-minute one-on-one call with me, for an additional $50. Let’s tackle your challenges together!

SubtotalTotal Installment PaymentsInitial Payment TotalTotal Due TodaySubtotalFree TrialAmount Due Purchase $25
  • What exactly is the accountability circle?

    The Accountability Circle for Moms is a dedicated community where moms come together to support each other in developing and maintaining positive habits. I work directly with members to provide personalized guidance, celebrate every success, and offer accountability and support through direct text messages.

  • How does personalized guidance work?

    Personalized guidance involves one-on-one interactions where you can ask specific questions about your habits, challenges, and goals. Based on this, I’ll provide tailored advice to help you develop strategies that fit your unique lifestyle and needs.

  • Can I ask you direct questions?

    Absolutely! Members can send me questions via text message and receive direct responses. This direct line of communication ensures you get the accountability and support you need, right when you need it.

  • How do we celebrate wins in the community?

    Celebrations are a big part of our community! We acknowledge and cheer for each other’s successes through group shout-outs, special messages, and sometimes even virtual gatherings. Every win, no matter how small, is a cause for celebration.

  • Is this circle right for me?

    If you’re a mom looking to make positive changes in your life, establish lasting habits, and enjoy the support of a like-minded community, then yes! Our circle is perfect for moms at any stage of their habit formation journey who value their time and chasing what matters.

  • How does this circle help solidify my habits?

    The combination of personalized guidance, direct support, and community accountability creates a powerful support system. This system helps you stay consistent, overcome challenges, and integrate your new habits into your daily life more effectively.

  • What makes this community exclusive?

    Our community is exclusively for moms who are committed to their personal development and supporting one another. The focus on moms and the shared experiences and challenges we face create a unique, supportive, and empowering environment.

  • How does the community keep me motivated?

    Through regular check-ins, sharing success stories, and continuous encouragement from myself. You’ll find a constant source of motivation to keep progressing towards your goals.

  • Is it easy to cancel if I need to?

    You can cancel any time you want by sending an email to