Daily Intentions Journal

Daily Intentions Journal

A 12 Week Journal To Transform My Days

This simple 12 week journal will have a powerful impact on your day. It helps you create a morning routine that is designed for YOU, so you can feel more content and less overwhelmed. Begin finding time for yourself, with small shifts in your perspective, and gradually refilling your tank, every day, before the day even begins.

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I Created My Daily Morning Routine Around This Journal Practice and Here’s What Happened…

More Clarity

A Greater Sense of Calm

Better Control of My Day

Peace of Mind

Confidence in My Choices

Closer Relationship with God

Able to Hear and Feel God Working in Me

Progress on My Projects and Dreams

Feeling More Hopeful

Able to Move Through Daily Challenges Easier

Let Go of Frustrations Easier

More Time in my Day

tasks and reminders for the week

Start Your Week Off Feeling More Confident

  • Unload your thoughts and responsibilities for the week before you begin
  • Review this list each morning to create your focus for the day
  • Less tasks on your daily to-do list = more progress!
  • Mind is free and has more clarity to start the week
  • Set up your “Intention” for the week
  • Helpful reminder to check on loved ones
  • Weekly verse and encouragement to lift you up before the week gets going
Slow Down Each Morning and Take It All In Before the Day Begins

Slow Down Each Morning and Take It All In Before the Day Begins

  • Feel joy in your heart as you write 3 things you are grateful for today.
  • Choose a few simple tasks to focus on today from your weekly task sheet.
  • Become accountable by reminding yourself of self-care choices daily.
  • Pray as you write your prayer reminders for the day.
  • Hope comes to life as you write the dreams you will accomplish.
  • Embrace your weekly intention daily.
  • Journal your Bible verse and fill your mind with uplifting encouragement.
take time to pause and reflect

Take Time to Pause, Reflect, and Learn Every 4 Weeks

  • Time to celebrate every bit of progress you have made
  • Become more clear on what you can improve or change
  • Learn what helped you through challenges
  • Reflect on what improves the flow of your day and what drains you
  • Just remember that no matter what, you are here, you are still trying, and you are brave
  • Think about what you want to be more intentional about in the coming weeks

Buy Now for $29.95

What’s Inside?

This Is What You Get In The Journal

These daily practices are displayed in a simple, easy-to-use format, to help create daily habits, without overwhelm, so that these choices become a healthy part of your everyday life.
Daily Intentions Journal Pages and Worksheets for Your Daily Routine
  • 232 total pages
  • 100 pages of daily practice and habit prompting for 12 weeks
  • Weekly task & reminder page for brain dump to start the week
  • Weekly intention reminder
  • New Bible verse and encouragement each week
  • Daily Bible verse journaling option
  • Gratitude practice
  • Daily focus
  • Daily task accountability for health and self-care
  • Prayer reminders
  • Hopes and Dreams prompting
  • Monthly Reflection

Buy Now for $29.95

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