#48: Listen in as Jenni Spuler gives us encouragement, hope, and finding strength in these days.

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I promise this conversation will encourage you. Jenni and I talk about the challenging seasons of life, and how good can be found right along with it. She shares hopeful thoughts for our kids, our marriage, and for us moms during this time, while giving us powerful, healthy words that can shift how we are doing our day-to-day. Every one of us needs this encouragement right now to lift us up, and Jenni reminds us that nothing…absolutely nothing, can rob us of God’s purpose for our life. Take the time to listen in. You don’t want to miss this, and what Jenni has planned over the next year, to share more of her story with us. 

Jenni has been writing her thoughts at her blog, JenniSpuler.com, where she hopes to spend more time in the upcoming future. She can also be found on Instagram and Facebook as Jenni Spuler.

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