#4: Your Mind Matters

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Today we are going to begin the work on our mind. You just have to start. Every day there are things that can be bringing our mind down, and also filling it up. What is good, and not good, for your mind? We discuss ways to strengthen our mind because we can’t avoid everything that might affect our mind negatively. We have to strengthen our self by over-filling it with good stuff. We discuss simple ideas to lift up our energy and mind health. Grace and gratitude are both important for your health. Remember, your season is not comparable to other people’s seasons. It is important to practice grace for yourself and others.

We chat about the benefits of gratitude practice for our health. This week we are going to work on giving ourselves grace and starting a gratitude practice. We are challenging ourselves this week to practice gratitude every day. Write 3-5 things down every day that you are grateful for. You can make a gratitude notebook or download my free Daily Motivation Plan.

In the podcast, I recommended a program called Mindset Reset from Mel Robbins. It is a 30-day program that was helpful for me this year with my mind health. Mel Robbins is such an amazing resource

Our quote for the week: “Your mind believes everything you tell it. Feed it with faith. Feed it with the truth. Feed it with love.”


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