#34: Interview with Louise Clarke about parenting and meditation

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Interview with Louise Clarke

There is so much goodness and wisdom in this conversation with Louise Clarke, who is a Certified Parenting Coach and Certified Mindfulness Teacher. We discuss taking things too personal with our children, how to become more aware and present, and how meditation can help us become more mindful. She says her “mission is to change not just parent’s lives, but children’s lives for the better, one family at a time.” I believe she is doing just that through her coaching, courses, books, and podcast. She also does work with parents who have children with ADHD.

Many of her resources are geared toward the teenage years. Her book is Parenting the Modern Teen, and several of her courses help parents during the teenage years, and the challenges that come with those ages. She has practical, doable answers that help, for parents that are struggling and frustrated. You can find Louise at YourParentingPartner.com, and her podcast is Parenting In The Thick Of It. Be sure to soak up some of her resources.

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