#3: What is Holding You Back?

by Sep 11, 2019Podcast0 comments

In this episode, we want you to uncover what story could you be telling yourself, and how you are limiting or stopping yourself from going after your goal. It is time to start listening to what you are telling yourself, and how to change this talk.

There are many common stories we all tell ourselves. Fear is a big one, and it is not always an obvious feeling of being scared. We are usually the ones limiting ourselves. We want to find these limits, and begin the work to change these habits we have created. We can’t let bad days stop us from moving forward. Regardless of the work we put in, we will still have bad days, and the more we take care of ourselves and practice our response, the sooner we bounce back and keep going.

This week we are going to pay attention to how our self-talk. Our challenge this week is to repeat 5 Daily Affirmations every morning and have one go-to during the day. This download can help you find your Daily Affirmations.

In this podcast, I also recommend the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. Our quote for the week is: If you waited until it is perfect, you have waited too long. ~Reid Hoffman.

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