One-on-One Coaching and Training with Kelley

Coaching is a term that is used so much, so what exactly is a coaching call?

Let Go of the All or Nothing Mentality

Honestly…I want you to feel like it is like having coffee with a friend, or chatting with your fitness trainer, that you know truly wants to help your overall health and well-being.

If you have questions, struggles, or challenges that you just wish you could bounce off someone, and get help and support, this is your place.

  • You want more calm, health, energy, clarity, or maybe strength…and yes, it all sounds great, but you are not sure what to do first.
  • You want to control the energy you surround yourself with, but don’t even know where to start.
  • You want to get better at saying no, but that sounds impossible.
  • You want more strength, but it is confusing, because there are too many options now with fitness.
  • You want a healthier mind, but have a hard time changing your thoughts.
  • You want less overwhelm, but you get overwhelmed thinking about how to change that.
  • You know you could change your habits, but how?
  • You want to let go of negative feelings, frustration, impatience, but every day it comes back.

I want to help you get started. These are simple steps, done with consistency every day. I will help get you started, and keep you going.

It is more than fitness and nutrition. It is about your whole self….the state of your overall well-being, meaning your mind, heart and soul.

  • Your whole self includes fitness, prayer, mind, and relationships,
  • It is about finding out what makes you feel good, and what drains you, and how to choose what is best for you.
  • It is about your day-to-day routine, your environment, and where you spend your time. Most importantly, your relationships with yourself, and what your mind is telling you.
  • It is about what increases your energy, and what brings your energy down.

I would love to help you today. It is time to start making the small changes that will make the biggest difference.

Reach out for a complimentary 20 minute call.

Or get started and schedule three 30 minute sessions today for $75. Together, we will begin to change your days, one choice at a time.

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